Buddies, Partners, Skaters, Photographers... Browse that shit.

>> Boardstein Magazine
A german skateboardmagazine. By skaters for skaters.

>> Kingpin Magazine
The first skatemagazine to cover whole europe.

>> Eric Mirbach
Upcoming photographer from Mönchengladbach (GER). FB gangmember.

>> Bastian Ehl
Another FB mafioso, skateboardphotographer from Wutal (GER).

>> Klaas Kleinschmidt
Photographer and editor of Boardstein Magazine.

>> Fotobande
The Godfather of Skateboardphotographygangs. You'd wish you could join. You can't.

>> Skateboardphotography.com is dead...
So where to go now ? Try it...!

>> Freedom Skateboards
A german skateboardbrand. Nearly the whole team is featured in "skateboarding" on this website here :-)

>> Skatehost.de
Webspace for skateboardrelated websites.

>> Datenchef.de
Need php solutions? Webspace? Domains? Anything? Look he here!

>> Playboard Skate/Snowmagazine
Looking for great pictures and some snowboarding too..? Click it !

>> Limited Skateboarding
Another good magazine !

>> Lawless Wood
A new company from Mönchengladbach !

>> Elements of style
Interested in a combination of Hip Hop/Skateboarding ? Check this shit out !

>> Giessbrett-Mag
Bock auf den tightesten shit aus Giessen ?

>> Pornstorm Fingerboarding
Wer sich beim Fingerboarden auskennt, wird diese Seite lieben !
R.I.P. Mäddi

>> NTN - No Talent Necessary
Melodic Core aus Münster Yeeehaaw !