Since Ingo is a skateboarder himself and since he’s excited about the goals and destinations skateboarding offered him to reach, skateboardphotography is, what he’s really into. Besides working 9 to 5 in a regular job, Ingo is on the road whenever he can quit the desk. You gonna find him skateboarding in the streets of Dortmund (or elsewhere) himself or beeing on a photomission, or, which is what he would like the most, both of it.
Ingo shoots for a couple of Skateboard Magazines and Companies, but the biz background isn't the thing pushing him again and again. He's out there doing what he loves to do. Just Skateboarding. And, oh well, taking photos while doing so. Simple as that.
Please feel free to flip through a couple of Ingos skateboardflicks in this section right here. Enjoy!

All the tricks published and all the tricks you can see on here are the real thing. No fake flicks of bailed tricks, no almost-done-pics, only the real shit.